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Episode 23 – Sound Collective #7

Night #7 of the “Sound Collective”, a showcase for emerging artists, held at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA. Hosted by Josh Arbour and Kira Lingman.

Featured artists: Peter Knutson, Billy Lawler, Roxy Lee, Zacc West & Lisa Ritchie, Jessica Weimer and Coral Rhoads

*Recorded Nov 8, 2016

Episode 21 – Chills

Chills, a band from Los Angeles, perform a few songs from their upcoming release, as well as discuss the band’s history, chemistry and guacamole! This was fun!

Nicole Mormann- Vocals/Keys
Patrick Shanley- Guitar/Vocals
Conor Griffin- Bass/Guitar
Marc Christian- Cello/Drums

Episode 20 – Sound Collective #5

Night #5 of the “Sound Collective”, a showcase for emerging artists, held at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA. Hosted by Josh Arbour and Kira Lingman.

Featured artists: David Higbee & The Zero Summers, Hugh DeFrance, Sam & Dane, Ron Blanchet, Jimi Hazen and Annie Trezza

Episode 19 – Sound Collective #4

Night #4 of the “Sound Collective”, a showcase for emerging artists, held at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA. Hosted by Josh Arbour and Kira Lingman.

Featured artists: Wilson Howard, Jonathan J. Scott, Melissa Brethauer, Zacc West & Lisa Ritchie, Coral Rhoads, Dillon Peralta and Brian Davis

Episode 18 – Sound Collective #3

Night #3 of the “Sound Collective”, a showcase for emerging artists, held at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA. Hosted by Josh Arbour and Kira Lingman.

Featured artists: Veronica Torres, Jonathan J. Scott, Alex Ridio, Danny Hamilton, Amanda Dahlin, Chris Rodriguez

Episode 17 – Sound Collective #2

Night #2 of the “Sound Collective”, a showcase for emerging artists, held at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA. Hosted by Josh Arbour and Kira Lingman. Recorded on Sept. 13, 2016.

Featured artists: Peter Knutson, Ryan Trask, Ayline Amirayan, Melanie Taylor and Terry Wollman, Arejeigh, Nate Weiner, Sara Dee

Episode 16 – Sound Collective #1

Recorded at the first “Sound Collective”, a showcase for emerging artists, held at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA. Hosted by Josh Arbour and Kira Lingman.

Featured artists: Peter Knutson, Chills, Hugh DeFrance, Lisa Ritchie, Isaiah January, Brian Davis and Azeen Kazemi.

Episode 15 – The NAMM Experience

Perspectives on attending the NAMM show, the world’s largest trade-only event for the music products industry.

Featured exhibitors:

Motion-Pro Drum Thrones –

Anderson Music Instrument Insurance Solutions –

Soundbrenner Pulse –

Alert The Globe –

Stomp Light –

Rock and Roll High – *Use coupon code TUNEUPANDJAM for 40% off instrument rental.

Episode 13 – Favorite Concerts

For their final episode of 2015, the Diggem crew has a fun talk about their favorite concerts, large vs. small venues, and a few hints at a topic that will be discussed in the very near future. Thanks to all of our listeners and subscribers for a great 2015. We’re looking forward to an exciting 2016!

Episode 12 – David Rodgers and Dane Meyer

Our old friends David Rodgers and Dane Meyer return to give us some updates on working on a cruise ship, applying to music school, and their respective recent activities in the music scene. Plus, we hear a bit of Dave’s rendition of a classic song played on some of his new “toys,” from his post here:

Be sure to check out more of David at and Dane’s new band at


Episode 11 – Reading Music / Learning Music Theory

The Diggem crew focuses their attention on the benefits and disadvantages of reading music and knowing music theory, getting “boxed in” by rules, playing with people a bit more skilled, and doing your thing either way. Also, don’t forget to check out Alexa’s gig at Molly Malones on December 10 at 8:00 pm if you’re in the LA area.

Episode 10 – Billy Lawler

In this episode the crew welcomes singer/songwriter and Sacramento native Billy Lawler to the studio to discuss his upcoming debut EP, deciding to take up singing at a “late” age, and what inspired him to release his music. Billy also treats us to a live performance of two of his incredibly moving songs which you can not miss! And… Rich is bad with names.

Episode 9 – Favorite Albums

In this episode, the crew talks about the top 5 albums of all time that really “struck” each of them in one way or another and why. Listen up as there is quite a range here, some not so surprising, and a few shockers as well (you think you know someone and then…) Young listeners in particular can get a good introduction to some excellent starting points if they’re looking to expand their musical horizons.

Episode 6 – Alexa Merrill

Singer/songwriter Alexa Merrill drops by to talk about the songwriting process, collaborating with a producer, and tips for taking care of the voice. Alexa also performs two songs from her recently released EP “Heart Shaped Clock.” This is one episode you don’t want to miss!

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Jacob Sartorius is only past due. He got backed up through the studio room, in cases where he packages two writers in affected individual segments churning out songs in tunes in tunes. the age in with any of the auditions (he not too long ago signed to UTA, as one of the legal right skill corporations in Hollywood), that a arriving earth tour simply to the fact that hes about to drop his brand-new bubble-gum solitary, All My close friends.

When i actually return to my hotel gap every evening, i actually just think exactly how articles i am to be undertaking the words Ive at first imagined, guarantees Sartorius. Chewing gum simply to tending to his gravity-defying teen-idol coiffure, hes very much in comfort and ease dropping the age early october date inside a Los Angeles photo studio room. Any of the 13-year-old is a pop star through the making: His debut ode to PG courtship, Sweatshirt, hit simply no. 90 on a Billboard popular a hundred, simply to All My Friends ended up debuting in simply no. 25 on a Pop digital tunes graph. Simply to he owes everything to something majority of adults have got nonetheless by no means open of: Musical. Ly, that a video-based social squeeze policy from which tens of an incredible number of adolescents around the world do business with, at first to transmit 15-second clips of themselves lip-syncing to hit tunes. Sartorius has innovations in catching an around the world superstar, guarantees Jbeau Lewis, any of the tunes agent in UTA who works with him, with his core Musical. Ly enthusiasts that provide the foundation.

Musical. Ly is only majority of things: that a hit cellular app from which topped any of the iOS App outlet free graph in July 2015 simply to hasnt minimized of these legal right 40 seeing that; that a scorching-hot startup by a $500 million valuation (seeing that approximated by simply TechCrunch in may) simply to more than 133 million Musers around the world; in addition to a promotional policy embraced by the tunes market for its ability to translate song clips down into rivers simply to product sales. Simply to and at half of most european teens (according to the companys quote) by the app, Musical. Ly has turned into a bona fide social design, toned inspiring pearl-clutching among olds, away from parents fretting more than sexualized child years simply to over the internet predators to traditionalists wondering any of the artistic validity of lip-syncing. The tv might not be Elvis thrusting his hips or typical Enemy talking truth to grasp but then once again, was going to anyone whos not a teenager admit the tv if ever Musical. Ly carry out represent a new frontier in pop?

Need any youthquake, much of savvy adults combine out the first tremors. It was easily available design word-of-mouth, is only exactly how Alex Hofmann, Musical. Lys 35-year-old human brain of the country, clarifies any of the apps leap away from 10 million fill out population one year ago to at this time, the minute 13 million are all contributed on a monthly basis. Teens in every other platforms was going to discover somebody describe that a Musical. Ly video, need the tv, download any of the app simply to call on his or her close friends to try the tv.

Hofmann, who was raised in Germany simply to reduce his dental care in Teutonic policy giant SAP, is only soft-spoken and at communicate accent simply to packages enough genuine enthusiasm for the Musers (seeing that Musical. Lys population are all agreed), who he guarantees are all need our adolescents. a couple of days once the Sartorius was snapping his gum through the photo studio room, Hofmann sits through the companys as-yet-unfurnished brand-new Santa Monica digs. Any of the Shanghai-based startup, there’s a employs a hundred population around the world, no more than moved its own european outpost away from that a WeWork gap in san francisco to listed here any of the hangar-like core gap have always been painted Musical. Ly crimson ahead of the date has gone out. Within the last fourteen days he is being to China, any of the Philippines (among its own fastest-growing packages) simply to back among. Musical. Ly debuted in August 2014, shortly after co-founder/co-CEO Alex Zhu, 37, who were about to run out of buck to receive his educational video producers, recorded teens on a Silicon Valley commuter create bobbing his or her heads to tunes within their earbuds seeing that taking selfies simply to video clips. Zhu at this time oversees stuff away from Shanghai and at Luyu Yang, 35, and something co-founder/co-CEO. (Yang, need Zhu, was born in China. )

The minute he was brought onboard in 2015 simply to tasked and at spreading any of the apps crowd, Hofmann combine about what he phone calls community employment, talking to 50 to a hundred Musers every day. It was essential to become familiar with them legal right, he guarantees, to concentration on the words excites them, simply to then: Lets no more than carry out even more of that.

Hofmann imprinted does work as a leaderboard, improved friend-finding, video Q&As, duets and at every other Musers simply to privilege-granting Best enthusiast Forever badges. And also the apps comfort and ease functional Musers will probably sluggish come up to receive legal right mouth-to-music very similar, simply to you can find consequences galore adolescents can use to seamlessly polish his or her unveils Musical. Ly took out this in turn very easily simply to closely that many parents were in practice by simply amaze, simply to here and there in practice aback, by simply his or her childrens brand-new obsession. (according how to get musically famous to reviews, the company, there’s a is all about design and still catching answers to make money, packages however to earn more and more salary or modification that a salary. )

With techniques, Musical. Ly degrees any of the pop-culture playing field: Justin Bieber open fame in YouTube by simply singing simply to strumming guitar along to pop tunes. Effective Musers need charisma, but they dont need musical chops (or old-fashioned video-editing proficiency, for the whole stage). Before Musical. Ly, i actually wasnt perhaps one of the most outgoing, guarantees Sartorius, who begun undertaking in musicals in 7 simply to was bullied consequently. The app helped me goof out. Its need nobody is only watching aside from the camera.